Complete drive (up to 2000kg) consisting of:
KSE380 gate drive - equipped with 433.92Mhz radio receiver and control module,
Self-locking function,
Keys for emergency opening in case of power failure,
Mounting kit with mounting plate,
Two 4-channel remote controls based on radio technology,
Barrier in the form of a set of photocells that protect against collisions with other objects,
24 months warranty with unlimited support and service,
As free we offer a 230V AC strobe lamp with the possibility of replacing it with an additional remote control.
Basic information:
The KSE380 gate drive, the KSE180's stronger brother, has a very high stability and reliability at gates up to 2000kg. The advantage of the KSE series drives is quiet operation and excellent price / quality ratio, probably the best on the market. The aluminum body guarantees durability and the plastic cover reduces the negative influence of the outside environment on the machine. The kit provides stable operation even in the largest frosts and snowdrifts. We have managed to eliminate all the disadvantages of mechanical switches by the use of magnetic limit switches, this solution provides extremely long and trouble-free operation of the drive. Our team will help you choose the right drive for your individual needs and we also have spare parts. KSE series kits are the solution for the most demanding user, where the continuity of the machine is crucial, especially if the door to the property is opened multiple times a day.
The main functions of the machine:
Automatic locking of the actuator after stopping,
Automated door closing process after leaving the property,
Obstacle detection with overload protection (amperometric)
When the obstacle is detected during shutdown, the drive automatically retracts,
Gate leveling thanks to soft-start and soft-stop functions,
Possibility to program a large number of additional pilots.
Possibility of extension of gate drive:
It is possible to activate the infrared barrier through the attached photocells,
Manual control via additional external buttons,
The machine supports as many as 30 pilots,
Connecting a second receiver allows you to operate an additional number of remote controls,
Operation of 230V AC strobe lamp.

Sliding gate drive - KSE380

  • Power supply voltage-AC230 [V] / 50 [HZ]
    Maximum weight of the gate-2000 [kg]
    Basic material-Aluminum
    Engine power-550 [W]
    Linear speed of opening-12 [m / min]
    Gear speed-48 [rpm]
    Drive type-Gear
    Output moment of strength-> 20 [Nm]
    Weight-~ 14 [kg]
    Limit switches-magnetic
    Working temperature--30 ~ + 60 C