KSE180 (up to 1000kg) consisting of:
Drive for sliding gate KSE180 - with integrated control module and radio receiver 433,92Mhz,
Keys to unlock the drive in case of power failure,
Mounting plate and fixing set,
2 four-channel remote controls for opening the gate by radio,
Infrared barrier in the form of photocells, protecting the gate against collisions with other objects,
As part of the purchase, service, 24 months warranty and unlimited technical support,
Within the gift, a 230V strobe lamp with the possibility of switching to a third remote control.
Basic information:
The drive for the sliding gate KSE180 is the younger brother of the KSE380. When using the automatic machine for gates with a weight not exceeding 1000kg, it shows excellent reliability and stability. The KSE180 is a superior product and the best price / quality ratio. The body is made of die cast aluminum, thus ensuring high durability, while the cover is made of plastic, which reduces the influence of the external environment on the drive. The power of the automat is sufficient to withstand the greatest frosts and snow drifts. The use of magnetic limit switches allowed us to ensure trouble-free operation of the drive, as opposed to devices equipped with mechanical switches. We will help you to choose the right variant of NPS drive for your needs, please contact our experts.
The main functions of the machine:
Automatic locking of the drive after stopping,
After leaving the property, the drive automatically closes the gate,
Overload protection to detect obstacles on the gateway,
Automatic reverse function, if the machine encounters an obstacle,
Soft-start / soft-stop option when starting and stopping the gate,
Easy programming of additional transmitters / pilots,
Possibility of extension of gate drive:
The kit is equipped with additional photocells that allow you to create an infrared barrier,
The user can use the external manual controls,
Serving 30 pilots,
When additional receivers are used, the number of supported remote controls increases to 60,
The kit enables the connection of a bright 230V AC signal lamp.

Sliding gate drive - KSE180

  • Power supply voltage-AC230 [V] / 50 [HZ]
    Maximum weight of the gate-1000 [kg]
    Basic material-Aluminum
    Engine power-370 [W]
    Linear speed of opening-12 [m / min]
    Gear speed-48 [rpm]
    Drive type-Gear
    Output moment of strength-> 16 [Nm]
    Weight-~ 13 [kg]
    Limit switches-magnetic
    Working temperature--30 ~ + 60 C