"ETM-02" - A secure machine for double-gates
Today we offer you a reliable ETM double gate automatic gate valve, which now has the best value for money. In this case, you pay for what is really important, saving on unnecessary "addictive" additives that you will not use anyway. Every day we monitor the Internet market for prices and products. As engineers in the electronics industry we are able to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of our products.

It is natural for you to enjoy the automatic opening of your gateway, so it must be just in the first place. When you go to your property, you want to be sure that every time the gate will work - this is the primary purpose of this product. For long-term, correct operation of the gate you need a quality machine of proven quality, tested materials and thoroughly tested for its service life and weather resistance. Trust us and focus on quality without overpaying for your brand!

Based on many years of experience with the Elektrobim brand, we place first of all on the reliability of our machines. Based on the opinions of many customers, we assure you that the gate automation is the first place to be confident of operation. Additional features, high parameters, speed, etc. are important but secondary features.

Double Electric Swing Gate Openers ETM-02

  • Digital ETM-02:
    Two-digit red LED display that helps configure the control panel parameters.
    Auto-closing: The gate automatically closes after the set time.
    Effective intrusion protection: the control panel switches off the power from the actuators when the wings reach the end positions.
    Soft start and stop function: the actuators start and stop smoothly, without jerking.
    Overlap / overlay function: One wing delay option, optionally available for gates closed by tab.
    Button control: You can control the gateway using external buttons (eg bell, keypad, access reader, GSM).
    Additional options and extensions:
    Possibility to connect additional 12V and 24V devices.
    Easy programming of additional pilots.
    Operation of external battery (in case 230V power supply is absent).
    Possibility to connect vibration sensor, inductive loop and keypad.
    Security of the control panel
    Amperometric: anti-overload circuit with programmable smooth sensitivity (2 channels).
    Signaling: 24V VAC warning lamp output, activated during automatic operation.

     alarm input to stop the machine, activation by means of photocells, buttons, sensors.
    countdown of actuators from "soft start" and "soft stop".
    Thermal: work is stopped when the dangerous temperature limit is exceeded.
    Battery: The ability to connect an emergency battery that lasts only a dozen or so cycles
  • Spec Total length in the folded state-825 [mm]
    Shoulder lift-400 [mm]

    Other actuator data
    Engine power-24VDC 60 [W]
    Output speed-24 [mm / s]
    Rotation speed-300 [rpm]
    Weight-~ 4.5 [kg]
    Max. Length of the leaf opening-3.5 [m]
    Max. Weight of the leaf opening-350 [kg]
    Tightness class-IP55

    Panel parameters
    Power supply voltage-230V AC
    Voltage regulators-24V DC
    Power consumption-140 [W]
    Receiver frequency-433.92 [MHz]
    Max. Range of control-100 [m]
    dimensions-260x185x90 [mm]
    Working temperature/-25 ~ + 65 C
    Tightness class-IP55
    Protection-Thermal / amperometric / time